Lace Closures

Lace Base Top Closures

The lace closure is a top piece used alongside hair weft bundles to give that flawless finish to your hairstyle.

Middle Parting Lace Closure : Also referred to as  Central part as it has one line running in the middle. It can also be placed on the side and be a side parting.

Three Part Lace Closure: This type of lace closure allows the user options of parting her hair in the centre, and side parting on the left or right hand side.

Silk Base Top Closures

Silk Based Closure: The silk base gives the most realist finish to your hairstyle. It also lasts much long than the lace base and does not require bleaching of the knots.

Top Closure_0516

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Frontal Lace Closure 

Frontal Lace Closure: This lace closures covers your hair style from ear to ear. It will  can allow a high pony if the users leaves out own hair at the back.



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