• What’s the difference between Virgin and Remy Hair?

Virgin Hair is the hair still in its natural colour (mostly natural black/natural brown) and not chemically processed. It comes from a single donor/person. The hair cuticles are all intact and flowing in the same direction, ensuring the hair does not tangle. Remy hair is Virgin Hair that has been dyed or chemically processed to obtain a certain hair colour or texture.

• How do I know that the hair I bought is real pure human hair?

Use a burn test to check if the hair is real 100% pure human hair. Take a couple of hair strands and put over fire. Real hair smells exactly like your real hair when burnt and turns completely into ash.

Synthetic hair melts into a ball that stick, it does not turn into ash.

• How many bundles do I need for a full head?

The longer the hair the more bundles you will need.

10, 12, 14 inches: 2 bundles

16, 18, 20, 22 inches: 3 bundles

24, 26, 28 inches: 4 bundles

• How to maintain and care for your hair?

Remember this is real hair and should be cared for as such. Use good quality shampoo to wash. You can also co-wash (using conditioner to wash hair, giving it extra moisture). For shine use silicon serum. It’s great as it coats the hair leaving it shiny and lightweight.

Olive Oil work wonders as it penetrates the hair shaft, sealing your hair and reducing split ends. Do not use more than four droplets as you do not want to have your hair looking greasy. Use it not more than once weekly concentrating more on the hair ends.

Brush your hair regular.

Use a satin/silk to wrap your hair at night to help preserve and keep moisture.

Minimise use of heat and curling irons. Use bendy rollers to maintain your waves/curls.

• Can the hair be dyed?

Yes it can. Remember this is real hair. Melody Hair is able to dye it for you for R200 per bundle if you want ombre. You are also able to do this yourself.

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